Install Solar Panels at J.N. Burnett Secondary School!Nathan Lee


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Cycle 5


  • To increase sustainable energy sources to the community
  • To reduce the stress on our local energy grid



By installing solar panels on J.N. Burnett Secondary School, we will not only the stress on our local energy grid, but we will also provide students with a unique education experience.

Since alternative energy technology is included in the Science 10 and the Physics 11 curriculum in British Columbia, students and teachers can make use of this to measure voltage and current while referencing weather data. Volunteers in the school’s environmental club will also wipe the surfaces of the solar panels each day to increase sunlight exposure to the solar cells. Having these solar panels at our school will provide more opportunities for student leadership and increase awareness in the community. 

Community Benefit

By installing these solar panels to our roof, our community can take pride of having a school in the neighborhood that harvests some of its energy through solar panels.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Installation is not included because we will do it with the help of school staff.
$ 4,500 Solar Photovoltaic Panels
$ 100 fortification racks
$ 400 energy inverter

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