Dr. Angie Loo & Friends for the Spring for Kids Foundation

provide treatment and ongoing care for kids with facial deformities.Dr. Angie Loo & Friends for the Spring for Kids Foundation


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  • To treat children with cleft and craniofacial disorders in Canada
  • To create educational materials about cleft and craniofacial disorders

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Project Summary:

The Spring for Kids Pepsi Refresh Project will help financially disadvantaged children with cleft and craniofacial disorders reach their full potential by providing them with treatment that is not covered by health care. The project will also create educational materials that will improve the standard of care patients receive, as well as increase general awareness about their disorders.


-Perform 10 dental implant surgeries 

-Provide 15 children with dental restoration

-Create interactive, engaging and easy-to-understand patient education materials detailing what cleft and craniofacial disorders are and how to care for children with these disorders

Community Benefit

Each year, more than 400 children in Canada are born with cleft or craniofacial disorders. Examples of cleft and craniofacial defects include openings in the lip, the roof of the mouth and the bones of the upper jaw. As a result, these children have significant and complex health issues that can make the most basic activities, such as speaking, eating and breathing extremely challenging. While these conditions can be successfully treated, some of the procedures are not covered under the Canadian health care system. This project will provide financially disadvantaged children with cleft or craniofacial differences with much-needed dental treatment. This project will also provide easy-to-understand educational materials that will help to increase the quality of care these children receive, as well as the general awareness of their disorders.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 50,000 Perform 10 dental implant surgeries
$ 30,000 Provide 15 children with dental restorations
$ 20,000 To develop educational materials about cleft & craniofacial disorders

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