Upgrade Fitness and Health Facility in Stanley Mission, SKStanley Mission Boxing and Fitness


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  • Provide a venue for fitness through boxing
  • Provide fitness and weight loss programs for community members
  • Act as a place for at risk youth to feel safe to participate
  • Maintain reputation as a positive fitness program within the community
  • Work closely with community agencies to provide recreation programs

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Through community involvement, lead by the Northern Community School Recreation Coordinator and Recreation steering committee the program has already developed a reputation within the community as the place to go to get fit and stay healthy.  The program would like to continue the community connection and train volunteers to be coaches.  The club promotes healthy living and positive lifestyle choices which have helped create strong relationships with at risk youth and community members.  Through continued participation by RCMP, Education staff, Health staff, community and youth the club will become a regularly attended venue for recreation and fitness.  The club will be a place to develop weight loss programs, fitness programs, train for competitions and host competitions.  It will keep at risk youth involved through unique recreation activities such as heart rate monitoring, cardio, weight training, boxing exercises and competition. 

Community Benefit

Participating in a cardiovascular conditioning program can help community members: - lower blood pressure - decrease total cholesterol - decrease body fat due to utilizing fat as energy - increase heart function and its ability to pump more blood - decrease stress and anxiety - reduce glucose-stimulated insulin - increase oxygen output to body - decrease resting heart rate - increase cardiac output - increase aerobic work capacity - increase self esteem - develop healthier lifestyles - tri fit will help with goal setting and baseline to begin fitness programs while tracking data for each community member

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: weights, boxing ring, building cost, volunteer and employee cost
$ 12,000 cardio equipment elipticals, treadmills, bikes
$ 13,000 tri fit and heart rate monitors

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