Eco-rehabilitation of the Parrots Island lighthouse station Corporation de l'Île aux Perroquets


Competed in
Cycle 5


  • Grant the necessary funding for building repairs.
  • Restore buildings that are currently in a critical condition.
  • Raise population awareness about the importance of safeguarding this heritage
  • Reduce water and energy consumption to a minimum.
  • Educate our visitors in respecting the environment.

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This infrastructure project is intended to safeguard the buildings of the lighthouse station, thus offering new kind of experiences. People will experience the history of the light house station. They will be staying on the island and have their meals close to puffins and penguins. All our activities will be based on sustainable development and ecological integrity. The privileged guests of the light house will will understand the importnce of reducing water and energy consumption. They will also be educated about the measures to be taken in order to avoid disturbing the nesting of seabirds and minimize their environmental impact.

Community Benefit

- Diversification and renewal of the current regional tourism - Attracting new crowds (lighthouse amateurs, eco-tourists, artists in residence for example) - Strengthening the regional pride and sense of belonging by highlighting an important historical chapter - Enhancing the attractiveness of the Duplessis touristic region while increasing the residents' quality of life - Increase visitors’retention and extension of their stay - Discover the local flavors (artists, seafood, berries, crafts, etc.).- Improvement of the offer of the National Park Reserve of Mingan Archipelago and its surroundings, the area attractiveness- Creation of new jobs (3) and consolidation of some thirty existing ones – stimulation of the regional economy - Improvement of the region living experience - support of regional identity: Duplessis, "Naturally exotic ..."

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Additional funds are required to continue the project. Potentially available funds involve the promoter's financial participation. The Pepsi Refresh Project will help us getting part of those funds.
$ 25,000 The funds will be directly injected into the restoration work.

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