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  • Provide a “family” dinner to homeless & low income people
  • Mobilize and train volunteers to make a real difference
  • Be a safe, welcoming place for those who need help

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One day, one of the homeless men at our lunch program said that he had to eat as much as possible to hold him till tomorrow. We were astounded, and so launched a test of a supper program. The results have surpassed expectations.  Not only do people who live on the street join us for supper, but low income families too and even some children on their own.  Continuing this program is now an imperative.

St. Felix Centre is a classic grass roots charity, founded 60 years ago by an order of nuns, and operating today strictly through donations.  Five staff and 450 volunteers help 1500 people/year, to feed them, offer them clothing or information or sometimes just a friendly ear and a safe place to be. This program extends the way we help – and how we do it.  It is a shining example of how people helping each other, and sitting down to meal together, can change the world, one small act of kindness at a time.

Community Benefit

When people are treated with dignity and care they are transformed. And one of the most powerful forms of caring for someone is to cook & serve them a meal. It evokes a memory of the best of childhoods and meets the longing inside every one of us to be loved. At the evening meal, homeless men & women interact with local families, eating & laughing together, getting to know each other by name, and learning to feel like members of a community. 15 children even come by themselves because there is no food at home. Recently one of these children started to play cards regularly with a particularly distant elderly homeless man. This is the magic of St. Felix. Supper is prepared and served by volunteers who largely come from the same community and really want to make a difference. It really is amazing what you can do just helping one person at a time. This application is for a grant so that the Evening Meal Program can continue to make that difference.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The Evening Meal program began as a pilot in September 2010 and has been very successful, now serving 80 people per night.
$ 10,000 for food and kitchen supplies
$ 2,000 new chairs for the dining room
$ 1,000 create a small garden of herbs and vegetables
$ 7,000 to recruit, train, support volunteers
$ 5,000 to maintain the sanitary conditions in the kitchen and dining room

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