Create an interactive youth performance dealing with racism.Sarasvati Productions


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  • To inspire dialogue about racism in high schools.
  • To create a performance piece that will inspire action.
  • To teach youth and teachers how to use theatre to solve problems.

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Project Summary:
The script for "No Offense..." was originally created with 30 youth, community members and artists.  We will take this initial draft and do readings for aboriginal youth organizations to receive feedback and finalize the performance.  We will then create resource materials about racism.  The show will tour to community groups and high schools.  Part of the presentation is to repeat scenes and allow the audience to stop the action and step in to offer solutions to racist behaviour.  Workshops for students and teachers will also be offered after the show.

-Theatrical performance for over 3,000 youth.
-Resource package with ideas and supports to deal with racist behaviour.
-Skill transfer through theatrical workshops that teach how to use the arts to explore problems and issues in young people's lives.
-On-line presence for wider dissemination of materials.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: This amount only covers a portion of the overall project budget, which is $60,000. We are using other sources to cover administration and planning.
$ 5,000 Artists fees
$ 3,000 Touring Costs
$ 2,000 Resource Materials and Marketing

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