Help Us Give Our Children a Safe Playground to Learn and Grow!St. Patrick's School, Woodstock, ON


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Cycle 5


  • - to provide a safe, fun playground
  • - to have the playground be accessible to all children
  • - to provide an environment for learning and growth



Our project plan for the past 2 1/2 years have been to purchase a playground system that will meet the needs of the student population of the school. We have an amazing outdoor area for the students but very little play equipment for them to utilize.We have been looking at the structure being accessible to all children regardless of their age, and/or abilities.  We have been working hard raising funds to purchase such a structure but the costs are high therefore beyond our local fundraising efforts we are seeking assistance to raise enough money to complete this project so the children of the school and the community may begin to enjoy the area. We hope to landscape the surrounding area to include quiet areas for learning as well.  We have targeted this coming summer as the timeline to begin and complete the project.  We have had great support from the community and would like to be able to show them what their efforts have helped with as well.

Community Benefit

Our school playground boarders on three community baseball fields. The diamonds are utilized almost every evening and weekend during the spring, summer and fall. Many teams and their families come from out of town as well as locally to participate in games and tournaments. These families bring younger children to play therefore this would be of great benefit to the area. There are also many new subdivisions being build as well as a new Hospital close by. We will be receiving additional students from a planned school closure as soon as September next year. For many reasons our school is located in an area that will be growing for many years to come and we look forward to providing a play structure that will be maintained for many students and children in the future. Investing in our community is of great importance to us and we believe that the children of our community deserve a safe and fun playground to learn and grow.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: It is unlikely that our budget will cover all of the landscaping that we would like to complete once the playground has been installed. We will also need to plan ahead for ongoing maintenance so this playground will be available to many children for many years.
$ 20,000 to complete the funds needed for main structure
$ 5,000 assist in the landscaping and ground cover costs

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