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Create an artistic training studio that caters to industry artists.Samantha Youssef


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  • To provide artistic training to the Montreal film/gaming industry
  • To provide a school that offers good training to students in Montreal
  • To improve the calibur of the artistic community in Montreal
  • To bring together the artistic community as a whole

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Studio Technique offers artistic training in drawing, design, animation, and concept art that will benefit the casual to professional artist.  Studio sessions with a model will be available as well for artists to practice independently.

This is a unique studio in that there are no other private art schools that offer practical art instruction in the Montreal area. The target market ranges from industry professional artists, art students and hobby artists.

The objective of Studio Technique, is to create a core in the artistic community. It would strive to bring together the artistic community in Montreal by offering an art space that is universally in demand by all forms of artists. While Montreal is a city that possesses a large and diverse talent pool, there is no place that artists come together and interact, while having the oppotunity to expand their graphic language. It is a place where artists can learn, progressively evolve their skill set, and practice their technique.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 10,000 to help with the rent of the studio space needed

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