bring TEEN TRUTH LIVE: BULLY to 45 Middle Schools across Canada.TEEN TRUTH LIVE


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  • To reach over 60,000 students with the TEEN TRUTH message
  • To reduce bullying and school violence in the schools I visit by 40%
  • To give the youth a voice and empower them to tell the truth
  • To challenge our youth to think differently about BULLYING
  • To empower the youth to make a difference in their school community

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TEEN TRUTH LIVE is Canada's premier assembly experience. The trademark combination of  student-shot films and empowered speakers makes for an unforgettable life-changing event. Using interaction, humor, storytelling, and award winning films, TEEN TRUTH LIVE produces student contributors who follow a code of honesty, respect, and compassion for self and others.

The objective is to bring TTL: BULLY to 50 schools across Canada through a program that invites students, parents and educators to submit a one page essay about why their school needs a TEEN TRUTH LIVE assemly to change the climate of their school. 

After a short selection process, 50 essays will be chosen and the winning schools will be informed of the free presentation day. The presentation days will be scheduled and delivered over the course of 4 months.  I will then follow up with the schools with evaluations to determine the impact of the presentations on the school climate and student body.



How will the $100K be used?

$ 25,000 Air travel
$ 5,000 Rental car
$ 8,000 Hotel
$ 7,000 Film/Curriculum License
$ 25,000 Contest / Scheduling / Administration / PR
$ 7,500 Meals
$ 2,500 Paper / A & V Supplies / Give-aways
$ 5,000 Gas
$ 15,000 Speaker Fees

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