produce two editions of The Cheaper Show to support emerging artistsThe Cheaper Show (c/o Emerging Arts Foundation)


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  • Offer exposure to hundreds of Canadian and Int'l emerging artists
  • Create an accessible & engaging environment in which to showcase art
  • Purvey the importance and value of arts & culture to the community
  • Offer an alternative model to funding & thriving in the world of arts

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The Cheaper Show was started in 2001 by 3 artists struggling to have their work shown. In it's first installment, they showcased 12 artists, and hosted about 200 friends. 9 years later, The Cheaper Show has emerged as the biggest one-night art event in Western Canada, hosting over 7000 people in 2010. 

We are a non-profit event, aiming to raise awareness, offer opportunities, and create exposure for emerging artists. At the same time we create an accessible environment in which to view and enjoy visual arts, which creates new levels of awareness and exposure. 

In 2011, we will be hosting our 10th anniversary show, Summer of 2011 in Vancouver and for the first time in the show's history, hosting an installment in Toronto Fall 2011.

Community Benefit

The Cheaper Show allows a single evening every year that allows a determined focus on the work of 200 incredibly talented artists whom have all made a conscious sacrifice to sell their work for $200. This excites the market by introducing a whole new roster of talent that may have gone unchecked otherwise. It inspires a sense of participatory action in the community and introduces new buyers into the art market, many of whom connect with the artists and start collecting their work in the months following. Thousands of people from the community come together to celebrate the local and international talent that is among them.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget for each installment of our show (2 in 2011) is approx. $150,000. We will be using the Pepsi Refresh grant money for all of the hard costs including production, construction, art hanging, licences, contractors etc. We will be raising the remainder of the money needed to pay our crew.
$ 60,000 Production Costs for two shows
$ 5,000 Curatorial Board costs (travel, fees, equipment)
$ 10,000 Travel and art shipping
$ 10,000 A/V equipment rentals, IT rentals, sales system software
$ 10,000 Marketing, contests, advertising
$ 5,000 Licenses, insurance, fees

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