Create a website & fund promoting hard to place animals in Ontario Kimberley Richards


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Award granted
Cycle 3


  • Create a website that provides information on animals in ON shelters
  • Create a network of people and shelters to lower euthanasia numbers
  • To help shelters advertise their hard to place animals
  • Create fact sheets for website
  • Create a fund to help shelters with medical costs, training etc.


I want to create a website for animals in Ontario shelters that are hard-to-place due to:

- Overcrowding
- Expensive medical costs
- Length of time at shelter
- Shadow Cat (shy or feral cat)
- Behavioural Issues

A number of Ontario shelters have already shown interest in my idea and I hope to gain more support with the creation of the website and fund. 

With advertising I think that the site can gain public notice and that the animals featured there will have a higher chance of adoption. The website will also have a number of fact sheets for both the public and for shelters on things like 'How to pick a pet thats right for your family', 'Good pets for children' and 'How to create a user-friendly website to promote shelter animals'.

The fund is another important part of my refresh idea. It will eventually be able to help shelters with costs like regular spaying/neutering, trap-neuter-release programs, medical costs (like amputation and diabetes) and training.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 1,000 Costs to become non-profit
$ 2,000 Start up high quality website
$ 1,000 Advertising (facebook, newspapers, posters etc.)
$ 6,000 Fund for shelters (for medical costs etc.)

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