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Help struggling people in your city with clothing swaps across CanadaThe S.W.A.P. Team


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  • Donate 50,000 good quality clothes to charities across Canada
  • Divert 100,000 garments from the landfill
  • Provide an alternative to buying new or disposable clothes
  • Create an awareness of conscious consumerism
  • Inspire people to wear more pre-loved clothing

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Did you know? Canadians spend an average of $2,450 a year on clothes, according to Industry Canada. The S.W.A.P. Team encourages people to swap their gently-used clothes to save on the high cost of buying new clothing. The remaining clothing goes to our charity partners, who help us reach people in need.

Professionals, students, new Canadians, families and fashionistas young and old love our clothing swap events. You can find clothes, accessories, and shoes for men, women and children. We have volunteers and swappers from all walks of life!

What's more, the Calgary Sun reports that there are over 240 million kilograms of fabric in our landfills. If you bagged it up, that would fill almost 20,000 hockey rinks! It's another great reason to get involved.


  • 100,000 garments diverted from the landfill
  • 50,000 clothes donated to charity
  • 10 chapters in cities across Canada
  • 20 clothing swap events per year
  • Photos, stories and real numbers reported on our blog after every event

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Because we are a 100% volunteer-run, grassroots organization, we do not spend grants on staff, transportation, event photography and videography, entertainment, food or beverages.
$ 40,000 Event venue rentals
$ 10,000 Sound equipment rental for music and announcements
$ 6,000 Temporary storage space rental for clothes
$ 30,000 Web site redesign to attract participants and connect volunteers
$ 5,000 Re-usable event signage
$ 5,000 Online advertising
$ 3,000 Volunteer training video
$ 1,000 Volunteer handbook and guide to starting a new chapter

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