Introduction of archery to youths in disadvantaged areas. Charline Didierjean


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  • To give youth a taste of sports and seek new challenges
  • Sport activity in an environment that promotes social development
  • Positive influence on direct and indirect youth environment


Promote archery and the values ​​it represents to youths from 11 to 15 years old who have no access to this sport. Introductory courses will be provided by a certified instructor, free of charge. Participants will evolve rapidly to a more advanced level. Experts will be invited to share their experience in a playful, contained and adapted way. The project will expand over 9 months in any of the archery clubs that the youth will be members of. It will also be punctuated by a visit to another host club, and will culminate with  the participation in an official competition, to prove, beyond results, their ability to excel through a personal discipline that they have acquired.

Community Benefit

Beyond the sporting aspect, the young participants will be initiated into a true school of life: perseverance and a taste for effort, respect for self and others, creating social ties in environments they otherwise might not have met. They will also create competition among their peers and their positive influence will go beyond the sport, because the benefits may be social and educational for them, their families and loved ones.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 1,500 Equipment Purchase (5 arcs @ $ 300)
$ 400 Purchase of arrows
$ 500 Purchase of equipment (quiver, finger guard)
$ 400 Registration Fee Shooting Club - Summer 2011
$ 800 Registration Fee Shooting Club - Fall 2011
$ 500 Visit a host club
$ 500 Invited experts
$ 200 Registration Fee - competition
$ 200 Miscellaneous expenses

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