STOP obesity in kids! Help us get more kids active NOW!Tara Vavala & Margo Gandy


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  • To reduce the rising rate of obesity in children in Canada
  • Provide fitness classes for ages 5+ to our small community
  • Educate families on the importance of nutrition
  • Reducing medical issues from becoming more fit
  • Offer programs for those that are fit for continued success

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Over the last 25 years in Canada sadly the rate of obesity in adolescents has tripled. We would like to open a facility to offer kids/families exercise classes based on age and fitness level. Our goal is to provide our small community with kids fitness classes on a regular basis in order to educate them on the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. We will obtain a location and make renovations with the plans to open our business including a special grand opening week offering our community FREE fitness classes in order to experience the benefit of continued exercise. The benefit to our community will be a descrease in obese families and a place where children can go to be active and have fun doing so regardless of thier fitness level.
Deliverables: 1) Offering 5-10 classes per weekday with 2 classes on weekends based on most popular times 2) Provide 1 on 1 to individuals who require more specific training. See youtube video: search "Kids Fitness Bootcamp 2011" CoreFitness2011

Community Benefit

Our community will benefit from our project because unfortunately there are no fitness programs offered outside of sports specific and nothing for children 5-10 years old. This obviously makes it difficult to help children be more active and to get involved in something that is good for their health. Not every child will play a sport but all children will have fun challenging their bodies by going through age appropriate obstacles while getting fit and having fun! Main Benefits: -reduced obesity in families within our community and therefore reduce the risk of adult obesity -increase self esteem in children -improve cardiovascular ability -reduce cardiovascular disease -decrease resting heart rate -decreasing chances of osteoporosis The list goes on...there are only benefits to consistent exercise and nutrition.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Self Advertisement - letting people in our town know who we are and what we are offering and the benefit of what we have to offer. We will spend several hours pounding the pavement so to speak to get business in order to make our project successful. Downpayment for lease of facility.
$ 10,000 Equipment
$ 12,500 Location Renovations
$ 1,500 Computer & Software
$ 1,000 Advertising

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