TRACS - The Responsible Animal Care Society

TRACS - The Responsible Animal Care SocietyTRACS - The Responsible Animal Care Society


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  • Animal rescue and rehabilitation
  • To assist low-income citizens with the cost of veterinary care
  • To provide assistance to homeless and at-risk animals

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This vital program provides assistance to low-income citizens with the cost of veterinary care. Often a companion animal is the only family an elderly or disabled person has and we have observed that in many cases, day-to-day care and feeding is not an issue. But, when illness or injury occurs and bills mount high, the situation becomes unmanageable. That’s when TRACS steps in to help and our efforts have kept companion animals healthy and families together. Our Compassion Fund Program provides:

  • Direct assistance for homelesss animals as well as companion animals of low-income citizens
  • Spay/neuter as prevention for unwanted animals and animal health and temperament
  • Cover food and emergency kenneling costs
  • Transportation assistance for the animals to vet clinics where needed
  • Care during periods of hospitalization

TRACS receives numerous weekly requests and we endeavor to respond to as many as possible.

Community Benefit

The biggest benefit is keeping our homeless and companion animals health, happy and together with their family. If a situation arises when an animal becomes ill and the cost of care is too high, TRACS wants to support the family as best we can. Thankfully, TRACS has built great relationships with some of the veterinary clinics, farriers, trainers, social services and care facilities in the surrounding area and we work with them to ensure the best care is given to the animals at a discounted price. These relationships not only assist TRACS with helping the animals but also help the family member requesting the assistance feel like there is hope and that TRACS will do all we can to help. TRACS can make the difference in the life of companion animals whose family cannot afford the veterinary bills. With your generous grant we can continue to help the animals and low-income citizens.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: This budget covers part of our yearly expenses for the Compassion Fund Program. We also have administrative costs that are not covered in this budget.
$ 15,000 Veterinary Expenses
$ 5,000 Animal food and Supplies
$ 5,000 Transportation and Kennelling

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