Create new tutor programs across Canada in may different schools.Various schools across Canada


Competed in
Cycle 1


  • To set up tutor programs across schools in Canada


Project Summary:

My school did offer a tutoring program but they canceled because not enough teachers were able to organize it. I want to picture this as a project to set up tutor programs for school who cannot afford the access to proper materials. I know there are many students struggling out there and they do not know what to do, so this project will help students get better grades and they can learn either during lunch time or even after school at their own school with a tutor.


  • I will make sure many schools who will be holding the program get the proper materials needed to study and work.
  • Proper tutors who are qualified to help and work with the student.
  • Better grades.



How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Transportation
$ 3,500 Books, pens, pencils, erasers
$ 1,500 Technology(Calculators etc.)

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