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  • Trap, Neuter and Release Free-Roaming Cats

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Feral and stray cats are a reality in most communities today. VOKRA aims to Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) some of these cats in Surrey. TNR is a complete program in which stray and feral cats living outdoors are humanely trapped, medically evaluated, sterilized, and returned unless relocated to a safer environment.

Stopping the overpopulation of cats in the Lower Mainland is one of our goals, and by neutering the cats, we can control the population of the colonies. Just one unspayed cat and her offspring can produce 20,000 kittens in only 4 years.

VOKRA is the only organization in the Lower Mainland that provides this service, but we cannot raise enough money to make a dent in Surrey’s huge cat overpopulation. We receive phone calls daily about kittens needing help in Surrey. With less feral kittens produced, the number of homeless kittens that VOKRA takes in, cares for and fosters until adopted will be lower. 

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Post-operative care and food prior to returning the cats to their colonies will be provided by VOKRA volunteers. Volunteers will trap and transport the cats to local Veterinarian for spay/neuter, tattoo and vaccines.
$ 10,000 Spay/Neuter 125 Free-roaming Cats

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