Build a website to inform and empower Canadians in electing governmentClifton van der Linden


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Cycle 2


  • To inform voters as to how our opinions compare with party platforms
  • To empower Canadians by providing a means for us to voice our opinions
  • To improve clarity and cut through the spin of election campaigns
  • To hold politicians more accountable to their respective electorates
  • To have 1 million Canadians to participate in the online survey


How do you decide who to vote for in government elections? Can you see past media headlines and partisan spin in order to make sense of each candidate's policies and whether they best reflect your views? The "Vote Compass" project is an online electoral literacy aid that helps voters make informed decisions when going to the polls.

The Vote Compass is a website that surveys Canadians on issues relevant to a given election. It shows you how your opinions compare with those of each candidate for election. It doesn't tell you how to vote; rather it offers a clear and concise perspective on how your opinions line up with each candidate's election platform.

This is a non-partisan endeavour and in no way advocates for any particular political party, agenda or perspective. It will be conducted by authoritative scholars from across Canada to eliminate bias and ensure scientific rigour. It's not about politics, it's about informing and thereby empowering Canadians at the polls.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 45,000 Online Platform Design and Construction
$ 15,000 Application Development
$ 15,000 High Capacity Hosting
$ 25,000 Research and Analysis

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