Study. Grow. Become. WORLD LEADERS The GLOBAL e STUDIES Project James Biss: Department Head, Global Studies, Erindale Secondary School


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  • to pioneer new approaches to teaching at a test site in Ontario
  • to make a difference through Global Studies and breakthrough tech
  • to unite a wide spectrum of stakeholders at the school and community
  • to share our research with Peel schools and across Canada
  • to build connections betweeen History, Geo, Law, Business & Careers

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Imagine school without heavy backpacks or cultural baggage. Consider a world of networked education where expensive, wasteful and out-of-date textbooks are largely replaced with innovative mobile digital devices loaded with dynamic media & info. Picture classrooms with engaging interactive & on-line experiences driven by amazing teachers connecting students across the region, the country and the World. The savings & impact to schools, students and the planet could be incredible!

The GLOBAL e STUDIES project will pioneer this work and share our discoveries with over 250 schools in the Peel Region and with educators and students all across Canada.  We will collaborate on a series of character-based activities which will provide pathways towards International Development, Greener Enterprise and World Leadership.  History, Social Studies, Law, Business, Civics, Geo & Careers will all be involved, tested for high schools everywhere.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: We will champion exciting new approaches using the latest tools and communications technologies. However even the best physical resources require motivated teachers who are willing to experiment and take risks. Our success will be matched with a priceless determination to pull it all together.
$ 38,000 80 Mobile ebook readers and tablet computing devices
$ 8,000 4 WiFi hotspot stations mobile and fixed to safely provide net access
$ 18,000 9 Classroom multi-media carts including projectors, doc cameras & PCs
$ 2,500 2 Formative Assessment technology systems (eg “clickers”)
$ 9,000 Basic Infrastructure upgrades to transform aging classrooms
$ 4,000 Climate Monitoring equipment to create a pleasant learning environment
$ 4,100 Whiteboards, Furniture and Fixtures to upgrade classrooms
$ 5,700 Digital educational content and Teacher Resources
$ 4,500 Curriculum Development funds in co-operation with Humber College
$ 1,500 Materials and Supplies to provide support handouts and communications
$ 2,800 Warranties and contingencies to cover exceptional hardware costs
$ 1,900 2 Breaking News & information Update Stations

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