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  • Educate youth entrepreneurs on turning their idea's into reality
  • Teach how to create a viable business plan
  • Teach how to present your business plan
  • Put entrepreneurs face-to-face with investors/lenders


YELLnow events will endeavour to attract, invite and discover the next successful - and possibly wealthy youth entrepreneurs, inventors, businesspersons, dreamers, promoters, creators and innovators. With each even, budding youth entrepreneurs are given the unprecedented chance to make their business dreams come try by learning and gaining the necessary business plan development skills to successfully approach and attain financial backing.

The FREE workshop will place attendees face-to-face with banks and private investors/lenders to get their professional feedback and contact information.  Viable business plans could walk away with an offer in hand.

This program will cater to youth aged 18 to 34, right across Canada. Working with national sponsors we offer further education and new business start-up savings.  Along with a keynote speaker, industry experts will speak as well in the areas of finance, marketing and advertising, social media, and overall business success.

Community Benefit

Dynasty or Legacy? What do you want to leave behind? You now realize that the growth of our communities depend on our youth becoming successful entrepreneurs. With YELLnow workshops, we will ensure that Government money will fall into the hands of deserving and educated individuals that not only are in a position to succeed, but have an organization behind them to ensure their success. Banks and lenders alike will now be loaning money to individuals that will now have a clear picture and PLAN of where their business will go. And ultimately, this will not just reduce the chances of our youth getting into trouble due to lack of employment or activities in their free time, but we will also reduce the unemployment rate amongst our youth, and create employment within the community. So as you see, this is certainly a win - win for our youth and our communities!

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Advertising will be sufficient for national campaign, however there will be additional expenses for speakers and venues, which will be covered by sponsors.
$ 10,000 Printing costs - creative and collateral
$ 40,000 Advertising (radio/print/social media)
$ 20,000 Cost of speakers (1 x keynote / 2 x speakers)
$ 22,500 Travel costs
$ 5,000 Venue (including refreshments and lunch)
$ 2,500 Contingency & misc.

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