rescue,spay,neuter and feed stray/feral catsMIKE ANTHONY GABOR


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  • To feed,spay/neuter colonies of feral cats


To Trap/neuter specific areas in need of feline control,along with the fix the ferals will receive a dose of revolution which kills fleas,ticks ear-mites and intestinal parasites. Along with the fix they will receive a brief physical check over which also assisits the neighbourhood tame indoor/outdoor cats as well for disease control. Cats capable of being rehomed will be placed into homes the others will be released into designated monitored areas. I also work with numerous veterinarians in the windsor and surrounding area..The plan is to show this city there are alternatives to the inevitable {Euthanization},and that they (feral cats),can live beside us in a healthy well groomed manor! We need feral cats for rat and disease control..

Community Benefit

This project will benefit a city and surrounding areas that have been overrun with feral and stray cats which are breeding at an incredible rate. Along with our spay/neuter program to stop the breeding the cats will receive medical attention which will benefit peoples indoor/outdoor cats as well in disease control,flea and worm prevention as well as educating the public about feral cats..Also rat and disease control

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: transportation,volunteers
$ 2,000 spay female cats
$ 2,000 neuter male cats
$ 1,000 food

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