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  • *To help compromised cats have quality lives
  • *To provide support for others in the same situation

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Our project is to provide continued care for special needs cats and to have money to cover veternary care for those that need it.

There are many cats that are either born with a deformity or incur one due to injury. Our rescue helps those cats by providing them with care needed and letting them have lives that are enjoyable. We currently have over twenty special needs cats in our rescue and would like to be in a position to help more.

The Pepsi grant will allow us to do this.

Community Benefit

The community benefit is multifaceted: *will prevent suffering of cats that need special assistance *remove these cats from the outdoors where they are struggling to survive *providing hands-on support for others that are also involved in helping special needs cats All too often, veterinarians recommend euthanization of cats that require special care. We have witnessed the love and affection that these cats give in return and can only encourage that they are included in the general population.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Our budget does not cover rescue, transport or day to day expenditures such as food, litter and other essentials.
$ 5,000 Veterinary care

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