Provide food and shelter for abandoned rabbitsLinda for Wascally West Coast Wabbits


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  • Provide care and shelter for abandoned pet rabbits

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I plan to build large pastures so that up to 20 rabbits can live an almost natural life. They will also have secure and cozy hutches for nighttime safety.  All will be spayed/neutered and provided with medical attention if/when required.  An interactive website will be created to help raise awareness and provide information along with helpful links.

Community Benefit

Reduce feral rabbit population and provide better homes for pet rabbits through promoting awareness. Reduce burden on local SPCA as people learn more about rabbit care etc.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: May not cover food & medical for the year Does not cover trucking, disposal, hydro. The time involved in rabbit care is on a volunteer basis
$ 500 website
$ 1,500 hired helper for pasture construction
$ 3,000 food, bedding, medical

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