Spay & neuter feral cats in the Oceanside area of Vancouver Island.Nanoose Bay CatSpan


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  • Spaying and neutering feral cats.

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To neuter, treat for parasites (worms & fleas), eartip feral cats, provide medical treatment if necessary and release them back to the people who are feeding them, or back into colonies that CatSpan's volunteers take care of.

Community Benefit

The project's benefit will enable people who are feeding feral cats to neuter them at no cost. The neutered cats stop spraying, fighting and yeowling (during mating) and neighbours are no longer annoyed. No more kittens are born (thus reducing the problem of too many cats and not enough good homes). Any kittens that are born are neutered and adopted out or, if too wild for adoption, are neutered and placed back into the colonies they came from. Because people who feed feral cats do not want these cats euthanized, they can contact CatSpan for assistance rather than ignoring the problem & allowing more cats to be born. This project allows the community to humanely care for feral cats.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover medical procedures or surgeries other than spaying/neutering, eartipping and treating for parasites. Catspan will pay for other medical treatments that may be required.
$ 5,000 Spay, neuter, treat for parasites and ear tip.

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