Begin solar highways and homes to power our vechicles and livesTanner Redel


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  • To earn enough to design an efficient and cheap prototype solar panel


The "Brighter Future" project is to ultimately create a system of renewable energy (primarily solar power) that is cheap, efficient and easily repaired so that all Canadians can take part in using renweable energy sources to power their lives. A portion of this is to help Canadians afford these usually expensive forms of energy. Another portion is to introduce a new form of travel that will use highways made of solar panels which, through electromagnetic methods, will allow adapted vechicles to almost fly across the roads, similar to that of a bullet train (floating on magnets). The goal is to also have these vechicles controlled primarily by advanced computers to limit the number of accidents substantially: for example, drunk drivers will no longer be a risk on the roads and ice conditions will have no more affect. This project could expand to help all peoples of the world by moving towards a greener world.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The marketing of this product and the eventual mass production of these prototypes.
$ 5,000 designing solar panels for homes
$ 10,000 designing a solar panel highway/cars
$ 85,000 creating the prototypes

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