Create an Educational Show To Teach Kids About Agriculture & FarmingDaniel Steep - Agri-Kidabra


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Cycle 2


  • Educate Families About Agriculture & Farming
  • Create A Positive Image of The Canadian Farmer
  • Entertain & Educate Children Across Canada
  • Provide Farm Facts & Distribute Products


‘Agri-Kidabra’ is an educational magic show that will tour and present across Ontario to teach children and their families about the importance of farming, where their food comes from, and why we need to ‘Thank A Farmer’ every day! The goal of this show is to teach children around Ontario, and other parts of Canada about agriculture, and our need for agriculture. Our goal is also to have audiences leaving the show knowing a lot more about agriculture and farming than they knew before this one of a kind, high energy audience participation show. This show will be promoted and available for elementary schools, fairs, festivals, exhibitions, as well as other private events. Myself as well as two other individuals are involved in the project as performers. Average shows will consist of 1-2 performers, with larger and longer running venues consisting of 2-3 performers.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: This budget will not cover performing costs, mileage, and other disposable things used in each show such as fresh Canadian grown produce.
$ 1,300 Back Drop System
$ 500 Promotional Items To Be Given Away
$ 302 Mascot Costume To Interact With Children
$ 150 Show Costumes
$ 100 Photograpy For Show
$ 2,600 Various Magic Props

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