We are a new rescue/animal shelter opening in Prince George. ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL RESCUE SOCIETY


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We need at least 1 acre if it is just green land. Services would be useful as to keep the costs down for not buying/leasing a generatorAn old warehouse would work if it had a yard area out the rear of the property.  Zones are: All the AG and M1 & M2 Would like to be no farther than a 20 minute drive from Prince George. Ideally close to town. Once operational, we will be offering canine training classes, behavioral classes. All animals will only be rehomed once they have been assessed by a vet, vaccinated, spay/neutered We will be operating a NO KILL shelter, however when there comes a time an animal is too aggressive to be rehomed or severely sick then the animal will be euthanized by our vet.

Community Benefit

Vision Statement The society will create an environment in which all animals receive a second chance at a happy and safe life. We will grow and learn, and provide the community with a society that caters to yours and the animal’s needs. Guiding Principles Principled Behavior: To be completely honest with our staff, volunteers, donors and the public. We have a non-destruction policy which is strictly adhered to. The only animals which are humanely put to sleep are those with untreatable illnesses, or those animals for which we are unable to find suitable homes due to aggressive behavior which cannot be corrected with training. I have been told, “The soul can have no rainbows, less the eyes have shed some tears.” Sponsorship By forming close relationships with our sponsors and with those who share our respect for animals, we can do more than any of us can do on our own.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: wages, utilities, paying of an animal trainer, transport
$ 35,000 leasing property to start rescue
$ 25,000 building materials
$ 40,000 vets fee's dog food, staff training

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