To Finish the Second Phase of a Seniors Activity Center Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club and Whitlaw Mariners Senior Center


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  • To build a $2,500,000 Activity Center on the PLBC Property.
  • We have raised $1,850,000 and need to raise another $650,000
  • The Fundraising going on now is to finish the basement.

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The PLBC Clubhouse was built 83 years ago as a one season (summer) building for Lawn Bowling. It has had no heat for most of that time and has suffered because of that. Winter frezing, snow and ice have caused problems with the building. Mould and dry rot have been the main problems.

The WMSC lease ran out four years ago and they had over 400 members. When they went to hold a scheduled function they would be told the owner was using it that day and they would have to go elsewhere.

This caused a drop in membership to 200. They came to the PLBC and myself to see if we would think about raising funds for a new Activity Center on our property. Our property has 3 bowling greens and our membership was also down. One green was not being used but maintained at an expense of $5000.00 per year. We concluded that a four season Activity Center would be a long term solution towards getting both clubs membership back up.

The current funds are to finish the basement which has the Shuffleboard courts

Community Benefit

We estimate in 2 years our combined membership will be around 550 from the current 325. The Central/Town Ward of Peterborough has no real Activity Center. Our Center will have 4 Shuffleboard courts, Darts, Bowling, Short Mat Bowling, Bid Euchre, Dance, Crafts, Yoga and Tia Chi, Computer Room & Crafts. We also will have 2 board rooms, one totally modern with wireless video and conferencing capabilities for groups and individual boards to make presentations and hold meetings. We will also have a full kitchen and bar and will be hosting Weddings, Receptions, Jack and Jills, Bridle Showers etc. Our building has a 100 foot veranda facing our Bowling Greens. Anytime a functions is taking place in the building we will be on the greens bowling so we can introduce the public to our game. The PLBC will continue to entertain subsidized memberships for families that need the assistance. Our Clubhouse will provide for the health, fitness,companionship and well being of our members.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Initial operating cost will be tight until we start operating efficiently. Building budget does not account for construction overruns but our contractor keeps us up to date and in line. Things such as sound systems and state of the art wireless systems for our computer room are not included.
$ 100,000 As funds raised to finish the building

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