Improve the Souris Valley Theatre in Estevan SK Souris Valley Theatre


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  • To improve the theatre w/special attention to performers accomodations
  • Add a change room with SHOWERS for the onsite performers.
  • Finish building the walls in the theatre and improve tech equipment



Although the theatre has improved over the years to a formal building from an outdoor tent, we still have many jobs unfinished.  The theatre still has no interior walls, the living arrangements/accomodations for performers is cramped for those we can accomodate although many times we cannot accomodate all the performers and they are forced to live in tents for the season.  Also, our change rooms for the performers is nothing more than a closet and they have no shower or washrooms attached (they have one shower in all the theatre for up to 10 people in one of the trailers).  And finally, each year we are forced to rent very expensive tech equip such as mics, etc.. which we would like to purchase for ourselves and lower our operating costs.  The Pepsi Refresh project would allow us to do that! 

Community Benefit

The community would benefit through the live theatre and art being provided to them. The use of the theatre by the community itself would be advantageous to any organization wishing to use it once it is finished with walls, changerooms, etc... We are currently supporting a community based theatre program which would use the theatre. We also offer a musical theatre camp each summer for youth ages 8 to 15 who would benefit from not only the finished building but from the changerooms, bathrooms and tech equipment.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Our budget will not be used to pay wages to any board members or staff to oversee this project. This project will be overseen by our volunteer board of directors.
$ 50,000 washrooms/showers/changeroom
$ 10,000 finsh walls in theatre and outdoor space
$ 20,000 improve and add living accomodations (campers) for performers
$ 20,000 Technical equipment to finish equipping the theatre

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