To extend the culture of contemporary art and make it accessible to all publics. Marie Pier Theberge


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Cycle 4


  • To create educational games linked to contemporary art

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In order to propagate a positive image of contemporary art and to share the wealth generated by this sphere of activity, I want to make a work of art that invites members of the audience to experience this world as they are entertained intellectually.

The project I am proposing is a game in which spectators are invited to take up an artistic career as a working artist. They will have to go through several stages in order to become accomplished artists as they learn about their field reading reference cards that allow their fictitious career to progress. This social game platform serves to create friendly and rewarding meetings among players from all walks of life around contemporary art and its practice.

Community Benefit

1- To inform the public on the practice of contemporary art by suppressing the romantic myth surrounding the artist. (The artist must suffer, art is strictly emotional, etc.) 2- This project's aim is to show art not only intellectually but as a form of entertainement. 3- To cultivate and interest people so they may evolve collectively and individually. 4- To democratise a cultural content. 5- To make people aware that anyone is apt at producing concepts and carrying out philosophical ideas. 6- To transmit notions and stakes of contemporary art; the blending of disciplines which allows the partial appropriation of fields of expertise (animation film, design, programming, video games, etc.); Interaction which places spectators at the heart of the piece by placing emphasis on the importance of their presence, etc.; the game which allows enjoyment with knowledge.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: The aim is to create 1 pilot object and 10 copies to exhibit in various public and private places: schools, galeries, stores, etc.
$ 500 Digital printouts
$ 1,100 computer equipment, software and graphic tablet
$ 2,000 Molding, production of pieces and many copies
$ 1,400 Rental of facilities to exhibit the project

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