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  • to empower youth to be change agents in their community
  • to facilitate the development of effective student leaders for today


On May 5-7 2011 the Peace Love and Leadership conference will be hosted by the youth from Notre Dame, Lindsay Thurber and Hunting Hills High School. The conference will provide the opportunity for youth from across Alberta to come together to learn more about becoming effective leaders in their communities. The student delegates attending this conference are the leaders in their respective high schools and represent the best of Alberta’s enthusiastic, committed and talented youth. We have booked international speakers Tyler Durman, Amanda Lindhout, Ian Tyson and Justin Boudreau to be our keynote speakers and have many other workshops planned to assist students in developing their leadership potential and team building skills. Students will return to their schools and communities inspired and prepared to make a difference.  

Community Benefit

Local Youth empowered with confidence, strong communication skills, the ability to think critically, teamwork skills, and a keen interest in volunteerism will contribute to their schools, communities and workplaces in positive and significant ways Community Partnerships with local and leadership-related businesses and agencies such as those that have already been forged will have a very positive impact on community relationships and future development Networking Opportunities for businesses participating in the Corporate Fair as well as for families billeting conference delegates will be valuable for all involved parties Trained Leadership Advisors with professional development opportunities such as this are better able to prepare and challenge students’ leadership development.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 5,000 To pay for our speaker Amanda Lindhout

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