Creating a centre for workshops and classes for all.Judith Laplante


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Cycle 1


  • Give people a chance to share their gift or acquire new ones.


The goal of the project is to give everybody a chance to learn or to teach.

My idea is to offer affordable spaces, publicity, exposure, quality service and a sense of belonging to people who have a gift and do not have the means of using it to teach classes and give all kinds of workshops.

My idea will give a chance to those who can not afford to pay for classes due to their income. They can go there without paying an exorbitant price. There will be equipment lending.

I, myself, give lessons and the rising prices of rental space force me to raise my fees.

The gift of workshops and classes are gradually becoming a matter of wealth and I find it deplorable. Everyone should be able to pay for a class or a workshop so they can get to know people, build relationships and learn.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 2,000 The first space rental to bring my idea to fruition.
$ 200 Advertising
$ 1,000 Purchase equipment for material lending
$ 500 Fitting-out a space
$ 1,300 Funding for class donations

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