A Petits Pas,Service de Garde Intégré/Step by Step,Integrated Childcare Services

Provide childcare services that targets children diagnosed with AutismA Petits Pas,Service de Garde Intégré/Step by Step,Integrated Childcare Services


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  • Promote the French population
  • Promote parents working irregular hours
  • Help typical children to better understand differences, acceptance and
  • Provide high quality childcare and services
  • Support military families


We will provide high quality childcare and services.We will prioritize the French working population and promote bilingualism.In New-Brunswick, there is no other childcare facility that offers services we want to offer. They all meet parental expectations. They all meet typical expectations from families with typical children. We will accommodate families with non typical children.  Our services will include one on one therapy for children with ASD; we will provide an exciting place to be for typical and non-typical children, focusing on acceptance and tolerance. While other daycares struggle to provide a stimulating place for autistic children, we will be the solution for parents who are permanently worrying about their child’s well being. Over the past few years, it became obvious to us that the demand was not only there, but also left unanswered. As a team, we will give them a bit of hope; some well earned peace of mind.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Advertising, Rental fees, Renovations, Office Equipment and material, advertising, insurance, surveillance system, professional fees, liscences and permits, Office supplies, utilities, Activities and outings, arts and crafts supplies, employe's wages, food will not be covered by this loan.
$ 49,720 Outdoor Equipment and Installation
$ 15,431 Therapy Material, Equipment and Furniture
$ 34,849 Classroom Furniture, Equipment and Material

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