build a community greenhouse to grow organic produce in Banff, AB.Banff Greenhouse Gardening Society


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  • To develop a 20 X 40 foot community greenhouse to grow organic produce
  • To provide programming to help Banff residents learn how to a garden.

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Due to globalization, locally grown food is not readily available in most communities today. As additional challenges, Banff does not have the climate to produce typical agricultural food products and seeks to avoid open wildlife attractants which can be a challenge with community gardens. Further, as in large cities, Banff has a large percentage of its population living in apartments without the opportunity to garden. The Banff Community Greenhouse is intended to:
- re-establish the lost connection between people and the food they eat by providing a local source of healthy, affordable and nutritious vegetables;
-decrease social isolation by enhancing community connections;
-connect community groups and individuals with the potential for intergenerational programming i.e. schools, seniors, service clubs;
-provide an opportunity for community members to learn about gardening and growing organic food including in planters and via indoor gardening.

Community Benefit

The community in banff will benefit from the greenhouse: -with fresh, local and organic produce -by creating a social network -by creating a bridge for intergenerational relationships -by developing the skills and knowledge to grow food from seed

How will the $5K be used?

$ 5,000 To purchase the greenhouse structure

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