support & encourage healthy living for all through physical activity M.A.G.I.C. Social & Sports Club


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  • Give people a chance to participate in a activities for FREE!
  • To provide people opportunities to be physically active
  • To offer a variety of physical activities that people enjoy
  • To encourage eating nutritious & balanced diet to protect health
  • To make physical activity a part of daily life at home, school & work


<p>The acronym M.A.G.I.C. stands for:</p><ul class="bul-small">


</p>The project will help promote a healthy lifestyle that includes eating well, staying active and maintaining a healthy weight. It will highlight benefits of healthy lifestyles, promote growth and development, fight disease and make participants stronger and more energetic.  Research has shown that as much as half the functional decline during adult years is due not to aging itself but to an inactive way of life.</p>

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<li>6 FREE activities, minimum 200 participants</li>
<li>$2,000 in donations from individuals and corparate donors</li>
<li>Equipment donations to youth groups post-project completion</li>

Community Benefit

My project will benefit the community by raising awareness and promoting opportunities for health and well being in individuals. Physical activities will highlight the benefits of living an active life including improved strength and energy, reduction and management of stress. Our aim is to promote exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent chronic diseases like cancer, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and prolong independence, as we get older.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Equipment (balls, nets, mats, etc.) is for use by club members and may be purchased post-project by members at a 50% discount. All equipment not purchased will be donated to youth organizations for further resale and/or reuse.
$ 500 Administration
$ 2,000 Field & Facility Permits
$ 500 Insurances
$ 1,000 Advertising, Marketing & Promotions
$ 500 Equipment
$ 500 Uniforms

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