HIV prevention show, by young people for young peoplePIC TON ART


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  • A minimum of 500 youth during the show
  • Distribution of a minimum of 500 condoms throughout the project
  • Setting up of a workshop on HIV for artists and volunteers
  • Setting up of 3 organizations stands during the show
  • Participation of 15 to 20 young artists between 12 and 25 years

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The Straight to the point show will feature committed artistic performances   combining dance, songs, rap and slam on the subject of AIDS prevention.

The first component will showcase prevention and AIDS awareness through the information stands, NPOs supporting this issue and the testimony of a person with HIV. Contributors and experts will be there to answer questions and inform the young public.

The second component involves the dissemination of performance art as it relates to AIDS prevention.

The final commponent is to raise funds and provide a perfect day for a family affected by HIV and to organize other activities of this type.


Community Benefit

This colorful show will act as a springboard for emerging artists, but will also be especially a good communication platform to heighten young people's awareness of AIDS prevention; a positive change in attitudes of our youth towards HIV prevention and STIs and also help them strengthen their self-esteem. The show "Straight to the point" will contribute to the youth's'blooming and social and cultural enrichment. Young people realize that they can make a difference to all that they hold close to their hearts and they have all the resources and skills to do so. Finally, the cause will be heard by thousands of people and help stop the stigma against people living with HIV.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 1,500 Location Rentals (auditions, rehearsal,show hall)
$ 2,400 Professional videographer, photographer, dj, artists
$ 700 Promotion (posters, leaflets, etc.)
$ 400 Security

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