start a free public studio where artists can produce and publish musicDimitri Salahi


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  • Give music artists a chance to reach their dreams despite social class


My plan is to create a free studio where all artists despite financial problems can come to this studio and create their music on a pro level, where they can have the chance to be heard by big music and film producers. This studio based in Toronto Ont will also have cameras and pro editing software to create music videos and film for film festival's. I have a strong belief that many music artists dont get the chance to create their music on a pro level due to lack of finances. This studio will be a start of something huge, imagine a place which will give people the chance to bring their talents alive. Hence when they make it big it would be pepsi who gave them the wings to reach the stars.In return they will support Pepsi while conducting tours . Pepsi will be known not just as a brand of amazing soft drinks but also a brand standing for hope for any musician who has dreams but not the financial support to invest into equipment that will make those dream come true.

Community Benefit

Youth and adults from all social levels will have the power to come togather and be heard on a pro level. This project will have a huge impact on poverty effected communitys where once the massage reaches these areas , instead of gangs their will be music artists, actors, directors and etc...All people need is the chance to be heard, to know that their lives stand for something greater than just the daily survival. Its as if winning a free lotto in the world of show biz. I would like to note that this project will also get the attention of the middle and higher social class who I know will join in to expose good music and film. We are all human with dreams and desires, Pepsi can be the beacon of these dreams and desires.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Travel costs. If you want it bad you can pay your way to get to the studio since everything ulse is covered.
$ 70,000 For the sudio and the equipment
$ 30,000 For promo and extra costs,

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