Create a farm where kids can interact with animals and nature.Louise Parker


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  • To enrich and improve the lifes of children.


My plan is to create a farm where children would be provided, through regular visits,  with a gentle environment to connect to the natural world. They would be interacting with animals that provide unconditional, non-judgemental love and acceptance. They will be encouraged and taught how a garden is created and grows. They will plant and nourish and harvest their own favorite vegetable. They will, if desired, be able to care for an individual animal.

There is a farm in California called "The Gentle Barn" offering exactly what I have been envisioning for many years.

My farm, Bliss Farm" will operate through grants and donations and funds raised through making the animals available to children's hospitals and homes with a "Bliss Farm Barnyard Tour" It will be located on an 8.5 acre property already owned by me.

Community Benefit

Children and their parents will benefit from connecting to a natural environment. It is a retail-free opportunity to provide children with a source of entertainment and therapy. Too many children are depressed, neglected, disconnected, physically ill, overweight and it's because they don't know how not to be. It's being aware of yourself and your surroundings that contribute to being healthy emotionally and physically.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Construction of single family dwelling on my land, driveway installation, feed for animals, my salary.
$ 15,000 land preparation
$ 50,000 barn construction
$ 10,000 proper enclosures
$ 5,000 animal acquisition
$ 20,000 part-time help and training

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