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Help hungry young minds get back to school!Boys and Girls Club of Kamloops


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  • To remove barriers for children in reaching their full potential
  • To support children and families with access to school
  • To provide opportunities for inclusion with peers and fun activities
  • To provide nutritious breakfasts
  • To prepare children for the school day


The Power Start program is an early morning program tailored to meet the needs of children experiencing high levels of absenteeism in school. The Boys and Girls Club of Kamloops aims to directly address barriers to staying in school by providing programming specifically for preparing children for their school day. Each morning the children in this program are picked up from their home before the start of the school day. Once at school children are provided a healthy breakfast. After breakfast, children are helped with brushing their teeth and other personal grooming activities preparing them for their school day. Before being sent off to class with a snack the children enjoy some physical activity to get them ready for the school day.  This program has run successfully in two area elementary schools with high levels of absenteeism. Additional schools have shown strong interest in hosting the Power Start program for their students.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: This budget does not cover staff wage, benefits and development ($13,000) or the total vehicle mileage and maintenance ($ 700). This budget is only for one school, for one school year.
$ 9,250 Breakfast and snacks for 20 children for the school year
$ 250 For program supplies such as tooth brushes and tooth paste
$ 500 part of the mileage for driving these children to school

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