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  • To update our Pediatric and Adult Patient Resource Handbooks
  • To provide the only comprehensive source of brain tumour information
  • To print English and French versions of both Handbooks

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Project Summary:

The "Refesh Brain Tumour Resources" project will refresh the world for children and adults across Canada and their families by providing current information on brain tumours and their treatment.  Healthcare professionals will update the current edition of the Adult Handbook which was last updated in 2005 and the current edition of the Pediatric Handbook which was last updated in 2007.  These Handbooks will empower and help people living with brain tumours and their families to be involved in the treatment.

One social worker quoted, "Many devour it saying how great it is.  Patients and families especially like the diagrams and glossary, because the world of brain tumours presents a whole new language."

In 2009 alone, 6,915 Handbooks were distributed.  Between 2002 and 2009, 52,753 Pediatric and Adult Handbooks were distributed across Canada.


Updated Pediatric and Adult Handbooks
Printed English and French versions of both

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Volunteer Healthcare Professionals have volunteered to update the Pediatric and Adult Patient Resource Handbooks; therefore, there is no cost associated with this part of the project.
$ 20,000 Translate updated Pediatric Handbook into French
$ 25,000 Print 2,500 English and 1,000 French copies of Pediatric Handbook
$ 20,000 Translate updated Adult Handbook into French
$ 30,000 Print 3,500 English and 1,000 French copies of Adult Handbook
$ 5,000 Technical writer to ensure consistency of language & re-design of look

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