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Sports equipment for a healthy schoolEcole Brassard/St-Patrice


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Cycle 3


  • Purchase of 90 pairs of snow shoes and musical instruments



We will buy snowshoes and musical instruments.

The snowshoes will allow us to increase the time dedicated to physical education and they will allow the students to participate in different sport activities. 

The musical instruments will allow our 4th grade students to take part in the junior harmony band and take over from our 6th grade students when they leave us for high school. 

Many children discover their passion when provided with the opportunity of practising different activities and they significantly develop their self-esteem.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Our expenses exceed the requested grant, but we already have a budget remaining from our last year fund raising revenues. We will have another fund raising activity next Novembre and therefore we will not need funds for schools.
$ 2,500 snow shoes
$ 2,500 instruments

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