Promote life skill thru the game of baseball. Belle River,Ont Belle River Minor Baseball


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  • Teach and Promote life skills to children playing baseball

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It is our mission to provide each player with the opportunity to play baseball at a competitive level, in order to experience and to develop life skills such as leadership, teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, preparation, and commitment.

Here is a few points as to where we would spend the money:
- Fix the dugout at one of the diamonds we play on.  The dugout is too small for all the players to be in the dugout at the same time, so some of the players have to wait behind the dugout. 

- Help offset the cost for tournament fees.  With the continuing increases to rates, it is making it harder for the club to compete in several tournaments a season.

- Purchase new baseball equipment,  as every season are equipment gets more worked in, but most of it closer to broken then worked in.

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Belle River Minor Baseball

Community Benefit

Belle River Minor Baseball gives the community as sense of community. We all have a goal for helping the kids of the community play baseball and everyone a place to watch baseball. By improving the fields, the equipment and competing in more tournaments this will improve the skill of the game and fun for everyone playing and watching.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 3,000 Field Improvements
$ 2,000 Tournment fee offset
$ 5,000 New equipment.

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