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Bringing the World to You! Laptops for seniors.Temiskaming Shores Public Library


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  • Avoid any homebound senior from becoming socially isolated in our city

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The Temiskaming Shores Public Library will freely "lease" laptop computers (6 month period) to homebound seniors.  The Senior Outreach Coordinator will then give these homebound seniors free one on one computer classes to teach them how to use the laptops and internet.  By teaching seniors how to use social networking sites, such as email, seniors will be able to keep in contact with friends and family.  Also, by participating in online games, online book clubs, etc. housebound seniors will feel more connected to the outside world.  The seniors will also be able to more fully participate in the community due to increased awareness of local events and activities via local webpages.  Finally, the computer classes are going to be adding to the on-going learning of senior citizens.  This project is important because it will raise awareness in the community about the challenges facing homebound seniors.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 4,000 Connectivity for seniors
$ 6,000 Purchase senior friendly databases for library website

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