Brother Andre Catholic students need your help! Fund a play structure.Brother Andre Catholic School


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  • to provide a safe play structure for our elementary students


The "Brother Andre Playstructure Project" is a fundraising campaign to purchase much needed playground structures for the students of the school and children in the community.  One structure was removed because it was deemed unsafe and the remaining two structures need to be removed. Our school became an all day early learning kindergarten site, so our primary student population has increased in size.  These children play on the playground during lunch recess.  
Brother Andre Catholic School is a children's support school which means we are in a high need community.  We have struggled in our fundraising attempts for 4 years now and are calling out for help from you to complete this project. 
This is a crucial development stage for gross motor and social skills for this age group.   A play structure supports this development.   Our deadline is fast approaching. Please support this project.

Community Benefit

This project will benefit the students and children in the community by providing them with an area to play and socialize. Most of the children in this neighbourhood don't have the resources to provide their children with play equipment. The school is also used for summer programs and a daycare attached to the school. The children in these programs have access to the playground. Most importantly, the project will show that we care. We care about the safety of our children and their development.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 10,000 to purchase a play structure

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