Building For Our Future! Help Hant's Harbour build a playground.Samantha Ash


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  • Provide playground for youth of Hant's Harbour


Project Summary:

The "Building For Our Future" project promotes the healthy living and lifestyle of our youth. It provides a safe environment for parents to let their children play. It will entice children and their parents to be active outside of their homes, and will be utilized regionally.


  • Healthier Community

Community Benefit

The youth of our community will have a playground! It will help children be active, interact with other kids, and have fun. Parents will have the opportunity to spend time with their children and enjoy the advantages of being outside.There is an area adjacent to our small scale soccer field which can be utilized for a playground and used by kids in the soccer program.This will provide siblings not involved in the soccer program with a safe place to play within the parents view. Most importantly kids will be physically active and leading into a healthy future.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Excess playground equipment
$ 2,000 Landscape and developement
$ 23,000 Playground equipment

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