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  • To help feed the sanctuary parrots. Yum!

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We provide a Home for Life to previously owned pet parrots and no longer useable breeder parrots. We now house 800 of these beautiful birds. We give them free flight in huge compounds. We provide the best of care with good food and medical care.

Many people have brought their parrots here because they can no longer afford to care for them. Hundreds of these birds receive no financial support.

The cost of seeds and nuts has increased alarmingly. This is their basic diet. We spend $400 each week on seeds and $750 each week on nuts.  This is the basis of their natural diet.

We need to be able to provide this food for them without fear of not having enough money.

Many of the birds that come here have already suffered horrible lives. We work to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Together we can Make A Difference!

Community Benefit

By providing a home for life for these previously owned pets we give their families peace of mind knowing they have done the best they can for their bird's future.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: This grant will not cover the total cost of seeds and nuts and will not cover the cost of any fruits and vegetables used every day. We will continue to raise funds alternatively.
$ 4,600 seeds & nuts for March 2011
$ 4,600 seeds & nuts for April 2011
$ 4,600 seeds & nuts for May 2011
$ 4,600 seeds & nuts for June 2011
$ 4,600 seeds & nuts for July 2011
$ 2,000 seeds & nuts for partial August 2011

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