provide aid for foster and injured animals in the Fraser Valley, BCFraser Valley Humane Society


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  • provide aid for foster and injured animals
  • coordinate volunteers to promote animal welfare and education
  • coordinate adoption of animals in need of permanent homes

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In order to ensure that a healthy environment within the shelter is maintained and the spread of communicable diseases is reduced, intake to the shelter is monitored closely.  Besides the community shelter space for adoptable cats, there is an isolation room for those either at risk of spreading disease or requiring special care.  The shelter has no heat so portable heaters are used in extreme weather conditions and the kennels for the cats are difficult to clean.  The plan for the isolation room is to build individual kennels, upgrade the plumbing and electrical systems to allow for easier cleaning and installation of baseboard heaters.  With a few modifications to other areas in the shelter and installation of storage cabinets, it would be possible to create more kennel spaces allowing more cats to be brought into care.  There is also a need to provide a space for shelter staff to meet with potential adopters to ensure compatibility with the cat.

Community Benefit

The Shelter offers a spay and neuter program as funds permit to reduce the overpopulation of cats in the community as well as financial assistance for vet expenses to sick or injured animals. Volunteers working in the shelter come from the community, including students from elementary and high school, special needs students, and adults, some completing court ordered community based hours. These volunteers provide care to the animals and promote animal welfare and education to the community. There are almost 100 members of the community who rely on the cat and dog food bank run by the shelter to supply nourishment for their animals. The shelter also provides temporary housing for the cats when a member of the community is either evicted because they own pets or finds themselves unable to care for their animals due to hospitalization. Upgrades to the facility will allow more community involvement and the ability to provide care for more animals in need.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: will not cover food, animal supplies, vet bills, staff wages, faciltiy rental, utilities
$ 15,000 renovations to isolation area
$ 5,000 reconfiguration to storage area
$ 5,000 reconfiguration to office area for adoption interviews

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