Everyone welcome, help build an accessilbe ramp at our community hall Building for tomorrow


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  • to make it accessible for all.


Building a community hall - because there is not other accessible meeting place in Cavan Twp.
The building will be completed by Sept 2011 and this will provide rooms for service groups to meet.  Our community members have been fundraising for the past 5 years to make this dream an reality.

Community Benefit

The committee is ready to build a community hall. The hall will serve the residents of Springville, Cavan, Millbrook, Fraserville, and Bailieboro. The residents of these areas have all been busy over the past five years fundraising and planning a new fully accessible community hall. The new hall will be 2800 sq.ft and be zoned for 80 people. There has been interest from community groups that want to use the new hall, the guides, youth groups committee meetings, children programs, community dinners and lots of other community events. The funding from this grant would go towards the construction of the exterior ramp.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 25,000 to build the accessible ramp

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