Create a web platform for sharing goods. Save money, Save the planet!


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  • Create a site for people to easily list, share, & track physical goods
  • Curb hyper-consumerism & enable people to save money through sharing
  • Share metrics to show cost savings for individuals & communities
  • Cultivate a more sustainable planet by decreasing unnecessary waste
  • Build healthier communities and neighborhoods in the process!



There are three primary problems (with plenty of available supporting statistics) that we hope to address

1. Our planet is being exploited at an unsustainable pace
2. Excessive consumerism has hijacked how we live & what we value
3. Community is disentegrating at an alarming rate

We hope to launch a website for people to list, share, & track physical durable goods.  Our site will integrate with current social networks (facebook/twitter) so people can quickly register & find friends they trust.  There will be full privacy controls will be enforced.  Rankings will be enabled to add a fun & competitive dynamic to sharing.  With the addition of a mobile application sharing & borrowing will be even more easy and accessible.

What if you could help a neighbor by sharing that power tool you bought for that one time? What if there was a Nintendo Wii collecting dust somewhere you could use for a party night? What if we could all own less and live more?

Community Benefit

Imagine if things we owned didn't need to collect dust but could have a second life with someone who really valued it. Imagine not having to buy every single thing you thought you needed and could 'unstash' it from a friend instead? Imagine if we had measurable ways of measuring and celebrating our successes in saving, sharing, and giving away each month. Imagine neighborhoods becoming neighborly again.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: We're currently bootstrapping this project with our own personal savings. We may put in another $5,000 ourselves to accelerate the project.
$ 1,500 Hosting and Web Services
$ 15,000 Development of backend website
$ 2,000 Frontend web design & interface development
$ 5,000 Development of mobile application
$ 1,500 Marketing and advocate enablement

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