Fund the care of the cats and kittens of SCAT Street Cat RescueSCAT Street Cat Rescue


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  • Rescue and rehabilitate hard to place cats.
  • •Provide medical care, food and supplies for all animals in our care.
  • Find permanent homes for all of our rescued cats and kittens.
  • •Raise funds to help offset our $5,000+ monthly veterinarian expenses
  • Public education on the importance of spaying/neutering.

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  • Address SCAT Street Cat Rescues monthly vet bills. Average $5000 per month, and can be higher especially when kitten season comes along.
  • Educate the public on the importance of spaying/neutering your cat/kitten. This will be done by maintaining our website and blogs, attending schools, being at various events in Saskatoon such as Pets In The Parks and having volunteers and literature available to people.
  • Increase SCAT Street Cat Rescues presence via the media, whether it be newpapers, community pamphlets, or television.

Community Benefit

Funds for spay/neutering. A helpline for such things as socialization, relocation, trapping, medical issues, and neonatal kitten care. A network between foster homes and adoptors advice, moral support and hands-on assistance to businesses, acreage owners, and novice caregivers. Educational materials and information sessions to promote public awareness of the suffering of homeless/feral cats directly linked to non-compliance with the spay/neuter philosophy.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: This does not cover our litter, food for our cats and kittens at our adoption centre and in our network of foster homes. Nor does it pay for any staffing costs.
$ 8,300 Vet care, public education, spays/neuters
$ 8,300 Vet care, public education, spays/neuters
$ 8,300 Vet care, public education, spays/neuters

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